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"Thank you for coming into our for a cut & color! Would LOVE to see a for your new ‘do!”

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What’s here: “I have a pillow my mom’s friend had made which has GOOD LUCK DAN in Gaelic and the island of Inishmaan on it. Plus Ricola, Listerine, and foam massage rollers. OnHow to Succeed, I learned when you’re doing a show eight times a week you’ve got to take care of your body.”

Plus some gifts: “My character talks quite a bit about cows—there’s a running joke—so I’ll probably end up with a lot of stuffed cows and bells. When I did Equus, I got horses, which I don’t understand because my character had a pretty weird relationship with horses. And the artwork you get at stage door is sometimes amazing and sometimes scary. People draw my eyes massive—sometimes I think, Jesus Christ, I look like anime.”


Emma Watson ospite alla première di “Boulevard” per sostenere il suo amico Roberto Aguire - New York, 20 Aprile 2014


Emma Watson ed il fidanzato, Matt Janney, all’aeroporto di New York diretti a Londra - 21.04.14


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Levantar una copa a Daniel Radcliffe y el cojo DE elenco Inishmaan la noche del estreno!

T om Felton en fanfiction (Fan Expo, Vancouver 2014)

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Daniel Radcliffe attends ‘Cripple of Inishmaan’ Broadway Opening Night Afterparty in NY on April, 20.


'Ah, Fail! Ah, Shit! Ah, it hit me in the head!'-Tom (x)

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